Funmat HT Enhanced

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Jamming with ABS or PLA?

(or other soft, low-temp materials)

  1. For PLA, both doors need to be open or removed. PLA needs cool air to print properly, which is why it’s so popular in the consumer market — open-air 3D Printers.
  2. Jamming with ABS? It’s the extruder motor getting too hot — two options here:
    • Crack the top door open 2-3 inches, allowing hot air from the motor to escape
    • Change the amperage of the extruder motor drivers

Hotend Encapsulated in Filament?

Not to worry! Your machine is likely not damaged.

  • Did you thoroughly dry the Ultem before printing?
  • Did you use Nano Polymer Adhesive on the build plate before printing?
  • What were your printing parameters? (Nozzle Temp, Bed Temp, Chamber Temp, Speed, Retraction distance/speed)
  • What slicer did you use?

Luckily, your machine is not damaged. 

Steps to remove:

1. Unscrew hotend shroud, you may need to bend it down to access the hotend screws, it can be re-bent or replaced, but is not needed for high-temperature printing

2. Unplug the thermistor and heater from the PCB behind the hotend

3. Remove the screws holding the hotend at the top (2) and remove the hotend

You may be able to remove the ULTEM from the hotend and still use it. However, since it encapsulates the heater/thermistor wires, it may not be removable without heat from outside. You can try to start by unscrewing and bending/removing the shroud around the hotend. Keep the hotend on, and turn it on to 350-400c. As it heats up, begin to pull the Ultem away from the hotend, and it will eventually release. You may be able to use a soldering iron to melt the Ultem on top of the heater wires, and remove it — it likely is not damaged at all, just encapsulated in Ultem. 

Luckily, you can bypass all this and simply install another hotend. I do not recommend using the shroud when printing in high temperatures, in our videos you will notice we do not use it. It is only necessary when you are using the cooling fan, which is basically just for PLA or PCTG. I recommend removing it along with the fan, if you are working only in high-temperature materials.

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