Calibrate X, Y, and Z Offset

22 IDEX v1 – BLTouch version

Z Offset

  1. Power On
  2. Connect to Machine
  3. Home All (machine movement) 
  4. (macro) Calibration > Tool Height Calibration > Home All (puts into center of bed) 
  5. Wait for machine to heat up 
  6. Make sure nozzles are clean 
  7. Press ok. Place a sheet of paper or a 0.1mm shim under the tool head 
  8. Make adjustment using “z tabs” – in software (moves z axis)
    1. With a 0.1mm shim, your Z axis should be reading 0.1mm 
  9. Check the leveling of both tool heads using “test left tool & test right tool” They should be the same if not, adjust right tool head to be the same as left tool head. Press Z overwrite when done 
  10. Turn off all the heaters
  11. Home all bring left tool to middle and slowly bring up the build plate 
  12. Locate status and bring the “Z” to 0.1mm and use a 0.1mm shim to check the distance between the nozzle and build plate. These numbers should be the same, if not, go to system > essential> autogen> probe offset 

X/Y Offset

  1. Connect probe to machine
  2. Dashboard > X,Y Tool Alignment Calibration
  3. Wait for Temp 
  4. Clean both nozzles and press ok
  5. Position probe under left tool head and press ok 
  6. Done