Troubleshooting – Quick Fix Guide

LGX Extruder – not pushing filament

If your LGX extruder is not pushing filament — but you can manually push filament through (the hotend is not jammed), then you may need to adjust your LGX tensioner spring.


Slightly re-shape the spring with your hands, to give it more tension on the gear. You will need to disassemble and re-assemble the LGX extruder.


“I took the extruder apart again and inspected it, reassembled and tried again. After doing this 3 times I finally found the problem, the spring wire was just barley contacting the gear that is driven off the stepper motor gear and found that if I reshaped it slightly it solved the problem. Not sure why this all of a sudden was a little to close, just enough to bind up the system.” -LS, Canada

Probe Pickup/Dropoff – probe sticking

Your probe is not picking up or dropping off correctly, you may need to adjust either the rotation, pick up location of the hot end, or the height of the actual probe holder, servo mechanism.

Adusting Height:

Four bolts on the back of the servo, which holds the probe; slightly loosen, all four bolts, adjust the probe servo to the desired height, and re-tighten the bolts. Always test the position by running a leveling sequence after any adjustments to ensure it is working properly.

Adjusting Rotation/Position:

In the duet web control, run the adjusted pick up position, macro, and adjust accordingly. Follow this video below for detailed instructions (start at 3:49):