Wifi Connection


When you plug in the machine for the first time, it is in “Access Point Mode” — this means it is emitting a wifi signal which can be connected to from your local computer.

1. Plug in the included power cable (15A circuit minimum recommended)

2. On your computer, connect to the Wifi access point named “22 IDEX” using the password 0011001122 or 1234567890

3. Open a browser window and direct it to “” – Duet Web Control interface will load

Connecting to Your Local Wifi Network


Make sure you do not have two networks with the same SSID. Sometimes, routers from companies like COX or Spectrum or AT&T will have two networks with the same name, one on 2.4GHz, one on 5.8GHz. This will confuse the system. You will need to rename at least one of the networks, and then connections will work.

  1. Type M587 S”[your-ssid]” P”[your-wifi-password]” into the console or top bar of the web interface. Your SSID is the name of your local Wifi network, and the password used to connect to it.

    M587 S”ABC” P”P’A’S’SW’O’R’D” would specify that the password is “PassWord”. Use two single quote characters to represent one actual single quote character in the password or in the SSID. For example, if your SSID is “Pete’s network” then enter “Pete”s network”.

    In short, just put a ‘ (apostrophe) before any lowercase characters, and type the rest as you normally would (spaces, numbers, etc).

    The use of special characters in the SSID cannot be guaranteed to work. In general it’s best to avoid most special characters. Spaces, periods, dashes, underscores, and other punctuation is likely ok, but special characters on the number keys likely are not safe. (@#$%^&*). If you are having troubles adding your SSID, try a simplified version with only letters and numbers.
  2. On the right side of the Duet Web interface, from the Dashboard page, go to the “Macros” menu, and select System > Settings > Wifi > Wifi Client Mode
    This will switch the machine into Client Mode, turning off the wifi Access Point and connecting to your local network
  3. Restart the machine, and it will connect to the local wifi network automatically

Next, you will find the IP address of your printer on your local network.

You can use an IP scanner on a smartphone (easiest), an IP Scanner on a computer, or connect directly to the printer via USB and use an SSH program to find the IP.

Method 1: Smartphone IP Scanner App

  1. Download an IP scanner app on your smartphone
  2. Make sure your phone is connected to the local wifi network
  3. Open the app, and look for an IP labeled “22 IDEX”
  4. Copy that IP address, and enter it into your browser

Method 2: IP Scanner on Computer

  1. Go to and download Angry IP Scanner
  2. Run the application, and find

Method 3: SSH through USB connection:

  1. Download SSH YAT or Pronterface 
  2. Open YAT / Pronterface
  3. Plug in USB to motherboard
  4. Select a COM port until it connects to the machine
  5. ORDetermine your COM port:
    1. If unsure of the COM port number, press Windows Key + R on your keyboard and type devmgmt.msc
    2. Your Duet will be listed under Ports (COM & LPT) as USB Serial Device (COM#) or similar. Use COM# as the Serial Port in YAT.
  6. Once connected, Enter the following G-code into YAT:
    1. M552 S0 (This will set the Wifi module into Idle mode)
  7. Next, we enter the Wifi network name and password:
    1. M587 S”your-network-ssid” P”your-network-password” (See password formatting at the bottom of this page)
  8. Next, enter M552 S1 to re enables wifi 
  9. Wait 10-20 seconds, and it should display an IP Address of the machine
  10. Copy the IP address into your web browser
  11. Duet Web Control will load
  12. Go to Macros and select System > Settings > Wifi > Wifi Client Mode
  13. Machine will restart in Wifi Client Mode, and automatically connect to your network.


V1 setup, for reference:

Set a Static IP Address

To set a static IP Address, simply To set a static IP address, use the ‘I’ parameter in your M587 command. If you leave this out, the Duet IP address will be set by the router, using DHCP. Use M552 S1 to turn on networking, and connect.

If you set an SSID, it will look like this:

M587 S"yournetwork" P"yourpassword" I192.168.156.222 
(choose the last 3 digits to be whatever you like)

Find the complete guide here!

Set MAC Address

Sets the MAC address of the printer. This should be done before any other network commands. The MAC address is six one-byte hexadecimal numbers separated by colons. Only works on Ethernet-equipped Duet mainboards, in standalone mode (i.e. not Duets with WiFi or Duet boards with SBC).


  • On WiFi-equipped Duet boards (Duet 3 Mini 5+ WiFi and Duet 2 WiFi) the MAC address is unique and set on the WiFi Module so this command has no effect.
  • The default MAC address on a Ethernet-equipped Duet boards is generated from the unique processor ID so there is normally no need to change it.
  • All devices running on the same network should have different MAC addresses. For your printers, changing the last digit is sufficient.
  • In SBC mode, this command should be in dsf-config.g, NOT config.g.