Unboxing & Powering On

22 IDEX v1 – BLTouch version

So, you just got your 22 IDEX! Time to take it out of the box and get it set up!


1. Open the crate using a phillips screwdriver — preferably a drill.

2. Take off all the top screws, then the side screws, and take off the top/sides to reveal the printer

3. Cut the straps holding the printer, and remove any wrapping

4. Lift the printer out of the crate (it’s almost 200lbs — multiple people required!) and set it on your worktable

5. Open the front door, and remove the zip ties from the bed holding it to the z-axis screws.

6. Remove the zip ties holding the pack with a USB cable and the X/Y calibration probe

7. Remove the zip ties from the top rail, holding the door handle and X/Y gantry in place. (4 total zip ties)

8. Install the door handle onto the door with the two included bolts

Powering On

1. Plug in the included power cable (15A circuit minimum recommended)

2. On your computer, connect to the Wifi network named “22 IDEX”

3. Open a browser window and direct it to “” – Duet Web Control interface will load

Next, see Wifi Setup