Maintenance Schedule

To ensure your 22 IDEX 3D printer continues to perform optimally and enjoys a prolonged lifespan, we recommend adhering to the following maintenance schedule.

If your 3D printer is often working at high heat and for many hours, you’ll need to look after it more often. When you should do regular check-ups can change based on a few things:

  • The speeds of printing and/or part movement.
  • Temperatures of the hot end and/or the build enclosure.
  • The count of toolheads utilized in operation.

Keep in mind, these points can make the time between check-ups longer or shorter.

The timetable we’ve set up is based on a printer that’s running for about 40 hours each week, and the heat in the printing area stays at 90°C (194°F) or lower.

Clean Build Platform and Build Chamberx
Clean Hotend Nozzlesx
Inspect & Test Heaters & Thermistorsx
Empty filament Purge Binsx
Inspect XYZ-Axis Lubricationx
Inspect and Adjust XYZ-Axes Belt Tensionx
Inspect Y-Axis Idlers Belt Movementx
Inspect Wiper Brushes and Wiper Bladesx
Inspect Z-Axis Probe Wiringx
Inspect Extruder Wiringx
Clean & Lubricate Z-Axis Lead Screwsx
Test Microswitchesx
Disassemble & Clean Extrudersx
Inspect Sensor Ground Wiresx
Clean Filament Sensorsx
Replace Y-Axis Idler Pulleysx