Loading Filament

22 IDEX v1 – BLTouch version
  1. Turn on the machine
  2. Check nozzle size/type to ensure correctness for your chosen material
  3. Pre-Heat the active nozzle to your desired material extrusion temperature
    • Ensure you have the correct toolhead set to “active”
  4. Put your spool on the spool mount, and hold one end of the filament
  5. Disconnect the filament tube from the top of the extruder
  6. Feed the filament into the PTFE tube at the back of the machine, and manually push it until it comes out the top of the tube
  7. Pull out about 6 inches, and cut the end of the filament at a 45º angle
  8. On the machine controls, select “extrude” for 100mm at 5mm/s
  9. Feed the end of the filament into the gears on the top of the extruder until it catches in the gears and feeds down
  10. Ensure the filament made it through the gears and down into the hotend
    • If you hear a clicking noise, the filament did not feed correctly, and you will want to restart at step 7
  11. Extrude 10-100mm more until you see plastic coming out of the nozzle
    • If you do not see plastic coming out after several extrusions, re-start at step 7
  12. Secure the PTFE tube back into the top of the extruder, and close the doors
  13. Begin printing, or set your nozzle to a standby temperature, to prevent filament from carbonizing in the hot nozzle

Unloading filament

  1. Set the active nozzle to your material’s extrusion temperature
  2. “Retract” 100mm at 15mm/s OR pull the lever on top of the extruder, and pull the filament straight out