Initial Setup

Recommended tools:

  • 3mm Hex Wrench/Driver
  • 2.5mm Hex Wrench/Driver
  • 2.0mm Hex Wrench/Driver
  • 1.5mm Hex Wrench/Driver
  • Phillips Screwdriver (Power Drill preferred)
  • 0.2mm feeler gauge (any size can be used, 0.1-0.4mm, long-style preferred)
  • Good Coffee
  • 7mm Nozzle Wrench/Driver
  • Needlenose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters (small)
  • Microfiber Cloth

Unboxing / Uncrating

  • Unscrew crate TOP
    • Unscrew all screws from 2 sides — do not unscrew all screws, leave the metal brackets connected to 2 panels, and removed from 2 panels.
  • Unscrew all panels from BOTTOM
  • Remove panels
  • With two or more people, lift the machine from the bottom (DO NOT TILT) onto the work bench (200lbs, it’s heavy!)
  • Remove the glass buildplates from the bottom of the crate
  • SAVE your packaging – if you throw it away, you will have to pay for a new crate if you ever need to ship the machine

Setting up the machine

  • Unwrap the plastic wrap around the machine
  • Open the front door, remove items from inside
  • Remove the box secured to the top of chamber heater, on the left
    • Contents:
    • X/Y Calibration Probe
    • Power On/Off Button (magnetic)
    • Locate Power Cable (C19 style plug)
  • Cut the zip ties holding the Z-axis shuttles at the front corners and rear of the build platform
  • Cut the zip ties holding the X and Y toolheads on the top gantry
  • Cut the zip ties holding the door handle to the crossbar
  • Install the door handle using the screws attached to the door handle using 2.5mm Hex Driver

Double-Check critical items:
– Check all screws on gantry for proper tension
– Visually examine entire machine to ensure no screws/bolts/nuts fell out during shipment. Sometimes, the high-frequency vibration of airplane travel can loosen nuts and bolts — DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP

First Power-On

  • Plug in the Power Switch Cable to the socket located on the bottom rear of the machine, and magnetically attach it somewhere near the front of the machine (your preference)
  • Plug the power cable into the machine, then in to the NEMA 1-15 110V wall socket
  • Rotate the power switch button, and your machine will power up

That’s it! You’re ready for the next step.